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Hi, I'm a math graduate from the University of Zurich, welcome to my homepage. I'm glad you could make it.

If you are interested in problems with microstructures go here to download the final postscript version of my thesis.

Besides that, I live on what I earn by programming.

If you own an CAPI 2.0 compatible ISDN card you might like to check out ISDN Monitor, a program which shows the phone number and name of the person calling you (make sure you have CAPI 2.0 compatible ISDN card installed). You can get a copy of my little piece of work, a screensaver for Windows 95/NT, here.

December 1998 I went to Cuba for three weeks. See the pictures I've taken and the impressions I got.Click for Cuba

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Live Cam in Zurich
Have look at my home city
Linux Sunsite mirror at nic.switch the site with a lot of linux stuff.
Java at its source:
Microsoft's developer pages
Interface Hall of Shame - what you should avoid when programming a user interface

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